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If you have primary custody of your child(ren) after you and your spouse have been divorced, there are important laws which you are obligated to follow regarding location of the child(ren) of the marriage. If either parent is intending to relocate more than fifty (50) miles away from your currently residence, it is vital that you obtain express permission to do so.

If either parent is considering moving the child’s primary residence, it is extremely important that you consult with a relocation attorney to ensure that the appropriate legal processes are followed. If you opt to relocate without first obtaining the proper agreement, you may be held in contempt of Court or risk losing custody of the child(ren).

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Each parent possesses legal rights with respect to visitation and custody of their children. It is imperative that any type of relocation is completed only after consulting the sentiments of both parents. A Nassau County relocation attorney can help you through this difficult process. Consulting an attorney is a logical step in this process.

When attempting to secure a Court Order to relocate, you run the risk of the other party refusing the move. In such a situation, the Court will determine whether or not to permit relocation of the child based on the relevant circumstances.

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